Thank You Letter

Last month was an important milestone in my life. A moment of personal, professional and financial liberation. I am tremendously grateful to the people who have been by my side during the hardest times, without them, this achievement would not have been possible. However, today I want to dedicate this article also to another group, to whom I have not shown enough appreciation over the years.

In 2007 I founded my web application development company. Today I’d like to thank the first customer who left me an unpaid invoice. It may sound strange, but he helped me learn early the lesson of valuing my time and the people with whom I relate, of opening my eyes wide as I shake hands. I learned that if you want to have a serious business and be a trusted person, you have to surround yourself with the same kind of people. I also learned that diplomacy is a necessary skill to sign contracts that protect your business and keep your good relations.

One of the biggest projects my software company developed was a platform for reverse e-commerce. I want to thank the founders who created this business the opportunity to launch their platform in nine countries, a new market every month, with impossible development deadlines and a limited team. Working together taught me that everything could be achieved with good project management, as well as a qualified and motivated team, as well as giving me many other lessons on a personal and professional level.

A few years ago, using the capital accumulated with software development, I launched my own re-commerce startup in Eastern Europe. We had a difficult start, with delays in the development and start-up of operations. Finally, we managed to launch, and the company generated more than half a million euro of sales in the first six months, giving us a brief period of joy. However, operational problems, partners who breached their contracts and a network of fraudsters who attacked our points of sale led to the bankruptcy of the company and the loss of all initial investment. During the launch of the startup, my software company also collapsed, as I could not dedicate the time for managing both activities.

The failure of my startup meant the loss of years of income and a setback in many ways. Starting from scratch or, in my case, from six-figure debts, I faced a situation in which I had to reinvent myself completely. My software company had collapsed, creditors knocked on the door, and my partner had left when things got ugly.

During two years I was presented with projects as a consultant, tasks in the IT sector and opportunities to rebuild a development company. None was an option beyond covering my monthly expenses as the money I needed to settle my debts was a big figure.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to create this failed business, without it I would not have known a group of exceptional people, among them, my current partners. Without the economic hole left by the startup, I would not have had the pressure and motivation to discover affiliate marketing and the enormous potential for revenue generation it offers. Without the headaches caused by delays in development, merchandise management and negotiations with dozens of people, I would not have made the decision to simplify my next companies and seek maximum efficiency with the least hassle.

Two years after starting online marketing all my debts are settled. I have the freedom to live anywhere in the world, to travel, to do something with what I enjoy every day and with the capacity to generate more money in a month than the income of all the years in which I was developing software.

Everything that happens to us in life, regardless of the frustration, fear, anger and worry that makes us feel, can be used to bring out the best in ourselves and transformed into something to be grateful for. As that transformation comes, you need to have the faith necessary to ignore the feelings that don’t help you in this situation and be able to cultivate the ones that do, like gratitude.


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