The Mistake of Looking for Happiness in the Achievements

We live in a time where “getting or achieving things” is important:

“Likes” on Instagram. The latest iPhone. A promotion. A perfect couple.

In that desire to have more, we spend most of our days in the future, in what we want, in what we do not yet have, we forget to live in the present moment.

I know people who in their life have become very capable of achieving everything they set out to do: goals of their business, the house, the car, dream trips. They have specialized in the science of achievement that so many authors write about and so many coaches speak about:

The 7 habits of successful people, How to win friends and influence people, The Road to Success. They are very good books, but they all focus on the needs of our ego, they do not talk about how to be happy.

Recently a friend who had achieved many of her professional and even personal goals confessed to me that she was tired of running, of constantly looking to the future, to the next goal to fulfill. She had forgotten who he was and what made her happy.

Another friend was afraid of falling into depression if he was not constantly charging himself with work and future plans.

Anxiety and depression are two extremes of a common problem. We forget who we are and we avoid looking inward.

Both things put us in the role of a victim. We make the mistake of believing that what we now are and have is not enough, that we need to get something in the future or to recover something from the past in order to be happy.

I remember during one of those moments when everything around me seemed to collapse and, almost by accident, I left for a moment of my role as victim putting myself at the service of others.

I went to help as a volunteer at a food bank and yet I received much more in that place: to recognize myself as useful, able to contribute and add value.

In the following days, as if fallen from the sky, a professional project arrived that would cover the most urgent expenses.

Life is very wise and will always bring you that which is consistent with the role you have decided to adopt, consciously or unconsciously. You have the power to change that role: by going to contribute to a cause or practicing gratitude exercises on a daily basis.

Find a place that empowers people, put yourself at the service of your colleagues and there, living in the present moment, you will remember who you really are and the power you have to influence your life.

Achievements are important in today’s world and for securing your material life and the future of your family, but if you find yourself living in either of the two extremes: anxiety, the feeling of still not having enough or it’s opposite, the depression, then it’s time to come back to the present moment and search inwards for those things that make you happy.

You might even find that, from that state, it’s even easier to achieve things and reach goals in an effortless way.

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