Celebrating Freedom

Today is a very exciting day. I’m celebrating a 5-year anniversary. Around this time five years ago I got completely and totally… broke, my latest startup venture failed and it left me in a very bad financial and physical shape.

But that event forced me to find a new path in online marketing, one that brought me great personal and financial freedom.

So, to celebrate, I would like to share with you one of the most important things I had to learn the hard way.

“Entrepreneur, manager, engineer, marketer… “ are all labels.

The meaning you and society give to your labels will define your identity around them and also the value and money you receive for your work.

When I worked as an “Intern” in my first job, I helped my employer fix a server after a crash and recover valuable information for the company. Do you know what I got in exchange? A fair intern wage of 3€ per hour and a pat on the back!

So I started to free myself from some labels and eventually opened my own business, I wanted to help people with things that were not in any textbook or labeled degree. I had clients in automotive, retail, real estate, you name it and, because I dropped the employee with a fixed salary label, I could charge 60 euro per hour of my work, which was a big step forward for me at the time.

When I lost my startup five years ago I also lost my CEO and entrepreneur labels, it was a very painful experience but gave me the opportunity to become anything I wanted, so I decided I wanted to become free.

Fast forward I was able to experience my first big online marketing campaign, which went viral and made us over one million dollars in revenue in a month. I wasn’t an entrepreneur, nor an engineer anymore. I became just a guy that offered, free of charge, to help a business that wanted to sell their products online and, only if I was successful, to keep a part of the profits for myself.

A screenshot from one of our campaigns trackers during the boom.

I discovered that any label you identify yourself with undermines the truth of who you really are and what you are capable of. So, today I challenge you to drop your labels, dare to unleash your full creative potential and provide your unique value to the world.

When you do, believe me, life will reward you with a level of personal and financial freedom you have never experienced before.



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